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Fishing Guide in NW Oregon: Steelhead, Chinook, Sturgeon

Spring Chinook Fishing Continues to Roll

May 17th

Went out springer fishing yesterday with Troy and what a great day!  We missed an early bite, however we continued to grind it out and had five chances and should have gone home with two limits.  The season is not over yet!  If you check out my Facebook site ( you’ll see pictures of our three keepers.  It’s interesting to see how these fish shut down and how a tide change can totally turn things around  to make you feel like you can’t get your bait in the water fast enough as the bite turns on.  I love the challenge of fishing for springers, due to the fact that you had better have things dialed in in order to be rewarded.

I started booking my first Buoy 10 trips last week and can’t wait for August!  With the third largest run of 900,000 fall chinooks forecasted this year make sure you don’t miss out and call me at 503-468-6353!  Oh yeah, lets not forget a massive coho run a well.

Before I end this week’s update if you’re interested in a great catch and release Astoria sturgeon fishery let me know.  These fish are big and aggressive, so make sure you’re ready to do battle.  These trips would make for a great Father’s Day gift…..



Todd Findlay


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  1. So jealous that I do not live in the area and can go out fishing with Findlay’s Guide Service every weekend. If I could, I would! Looking forward to following your blog and reading about all your adventures.

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