January – March / Winter Steelhead

The winter months in Oregon mean winter steelhead.  I enjoy fishing the North Coast for these spectacular fighting fish out of my 16ft Willie drift boat.  These fish can range from 6 – 20 pounds and will surely excite as they love to leap out the water while putting on a show.  This fishery is great as it’s peaceful and enjoyable as we float down the spectacular coastal rivers.

April – June / Spring Chinook

These fish are without a doubt the best tasting salmon you’ll ever eat.  The time and effort is certainly worth the reward as you place a slab on your BBQ to share with your friends and family.  We’ll springer fish out of my 22ft North River sled primarily on the Willamette and Columbia systems; however Tillamook Bay is great option come May and June for those fresh, right out of the ocean brutes that range from 12 – 30 pounds.

June – July / Astoria Sturgeon

Due to current restrictions this has become a catch and release fishery, however in my mind this is also one of the most exciting and action filled trips that you can take.  This fishery isn’t crowded and you’ll be sure to be busy as you can catch up to 20 fish a day or until your arm can’t catch another fish.  These fish can reach up to 8ft and often put on an aerial show like you’ve never seen.  These fish are aggressive and will keep you entertained throughout the day.  I can’t stress enough how much fun this fishery is as it’s not always about putting meat in the freezer.

August – September / Astoria Fall Chinook

This fishery has become one of the most productive fisheries on the West Coast, including Alaska and Canada with runs of fall chinooks exceeding 500,000 and slivers exceeding 1 million.  This fishery can be fast and furious as you’ll see doubles and even triples being hooked.  Silvers will often push 20 pounds and the chinooks can push 40 pounds.  If you enjoy lots of action and taking fish home to eat then this fishery is for you.  This fishery is very popular, so make sure and reserve your reservations ASAP.

October – November / Tillamook Area Fall Chinook

This is the fishery for BIG fall chinooks.  With this fishery we’ll either fish Tillamook Bay or the local rivers out of the drift boat.  There’s something about the morning fog coming off the water or the smell of the local dairy farms that makes this a special fishery for me.  The excitement and possibility of hooking a fish over 40 pounds will keep you coming back year after year.