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Fishing Guide in NW Oregon: Steelhead, Chinook, Sturgeon

Final May Update

It’s been a  couple of weeks since my last update, so I thought I’d share….

Spent last weekend in Rockaway Oregon and got to fish a day on Tillamook Bay fishing for springers as well as crabbing with the kids.  Started the day out fishing  by myself and headed right for the backside of the south jetty.  Didn’t seen a fish hooked and didn’t mark much so I headed out to a little deeper water and finally marked a fish and it instantly started to chew on my plug cut herring.  This fish fought like a 30lbs fish and only ended up being around 15lbs.  You gotta love springers in the ocean!  Ocean started to lump up so I headed inside of Tillamook Bay and started fishing along the north jetty.  Tide was running out hard, so trolled with the tide and nailed my second fish, which weighed close to 20lbs.  Again, fought like a beast…  Tip when fishing by yourself, PATIENCE……  It’s hard enough to net a fish for someone else, so when you’re by yourself you better have that fish worn out before you even think of netting it.

Crabbing was slow inside the bay and we just threw rings to keep the kids busy.  They had a great time and only one pinch drew blood, ha!!

Fished closer to Portland, Oregon yesterday with two buddies and we put on a clinic hooking 10 spring chinooks and putting 6 in the boat!  Fishing has been great, now I just need to start putting customers in the boat.  It’s been frustrating with fishing this good….  Tip for this time of year with the water temp in the mid 60s, troll faster than normal.  These fish are active and trolling fast really helps trigger a reaction…

What’s upcoming???  June catch and release sturgeon in Astoria.  I know, you don’t get to take meat home, but you have to trust me when I say hooking these hard fighters one after another will quickly make you forget all about not taking meat home.  I’ll bring the bbq out as well just to make sure you’re fed and have the energy…

Another option closer to Portland would be summer steelhead fishing on the Columbia.  These fish are aggressive and are incredible fighters.

And of course, the best for last….  Astoria fall chinooks and coho, aka Buoy 10!  Seats will fill up quickly, so get ahold of me ASAP.

Until Next Time,

Todd Findlay


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  1. Todd’s knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm made for a great day on the river. Everyone landed a fish. I highly recommend signing up for a trip.

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